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08 May 2017Lisbon Art and Cultural Tour
17 May 2016Cheshire and the Welsh Borders.
12 April 2015Magical Andalucia
13 May 2014The Heritage of Yorkshire.
14 May 2013The Art, Architecture and Culture of Budapest "The Pearl of the Danube"

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Lisbon Art and Cultural Tour

The tour will take place from 8th to 12th May 2017.

Booking forms available from June 2016 meeting.

Lisbon may not offer majesty, but the city does have charm aplenty in its little cobblestone streets, in its lovely blue-tiled courtyards and picturesque pastry shops, and in the trundling old trams and creaking funiculars that carry you up its hillsides and into its picturesque heart.

The city's museums are not the grandiose, stuffy palaces you find in many European capital but altogether younger and more vibrant destinations. There's the wonderful Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, its collection gifted by the late oil magnate, standing in the same, elegant parkland as the Centro de Arte Moderna.

And then there's the Museu do Oriente, a riot of Eastern artefacts, housed in a converted warehouse, once used to store salted cod. Or the new Museu do Design (known as MUDE), which stands beside a somewhat older cultural treasure, in the form of the 16th-century Mosteiro dos Jerónimos.